Competitive Rates, Better Coverage,
Multiple Markets

A&M's Solution for Personal Umbrella

The last thing you need is to have a big rate increase on your client's Personal Umbrella. Why? They tend to take a harder look at all their policies with you.

We’ve just made it fast, easy and profitable to move any personal umbrella policy to A&M. Not only will your client get better coverage and lower premiums from our multiple markets, but no app, no MVR and no wasting your time. In addition to 10% commission, A&M will pay an additional $15 for each policy we bind under this program
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Just fax or e-mail the dec. page and schedule of primary insurance from the in-force policy. Email to or fax (323) 255-0957. More information about A&M’s personal umbrella program, click here.

Available in all states
except Louisiana.
If you have a large book of business or would like to discuss this program, send us an e-mail at the above address or call us at
(800) 234-6977 x211 for Will Hullinger or x284 for Kris Pappas.

Need to talk to our underwriter?
Call (800) 234-6977 x260
(6am - 5pm Pacific Time)
or Fax: (323) 255-0957
or Email:

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