Are Your Clients Protected?

Data Security and Privacy is one of the biggest concerns of most businesses today – and the loss of customer’s private information is one of the biggest and costliest threats facing any business owner.

Hacking. Accidental Release. Unauthorized Disclosure. Transmitting or Receiving Malicious Code and Computer Viruses. The threat is pervasive.

  • A Shoe Retailer’s database was accessed by thieves who obtained 1.4 million credit card numbers, driver’s license numbers and checking account numbers.

  • An ex-employee of a check cashing company admitted to stealing personal data of a number of customers and selling it to a third-party marketing firm. The incident spawned a class action lawsuit. The check cashing company paid $4 million in enhanced security, identity theft reimbursement and credit monitoring fees.

  • A small health care center mistakenly disclosed a patient’s medical information. Punitive damages were awarded. The jury award against the health care center was $365,000.

According to a 2011 report from Verizon Business, of more than 760 Data Breaches analyzed the previous year, nearly two thirds involved businesses of fewer than 100 employees.

The costs of recovering from a simple loss of Data can be staggering and the financial impact can cause a firm to go out of business.

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How Can You Protect Your Client?

Your relationship with Anderson & Murison gives you access to unique Markets for Data Breach coverage. Product Highlights from our “A” Rated Carriers may include:

  • Breach Response Services including forensic, notification, credit monitoring and identity restoration services, and the cost of legal and public relations services

  • Regulatory action defense expenses, fines and penalties

  • Computer system extortion expenses and losses

  • Consumer redress fund deposits

  • Innocent insured coverage

  • Punitive damages coverage (where allowed by law)

  • Identity Theft Resolution Services

Most general liability policies simply do not cover Data Security. Is your client protected? Are you?

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